Changes to the Servers 22. Feb. 2017

It's been a while ... you know what I mean.

Since it's been silent inside the clan since the BF3 / BF4 area, many of us grew up and began, having some RL ... or started working etc... and cs:s had been quietly shut down, since noone played on it, we needed to do something, that makes fun besides WoW and LoL.

One of the technical clan-admins decided to support several gaming-communities in growing and getting new players, who may or may not show their skills and maybe join the clan for fun and backhendl and stuff.

So we do now host gameservers for:
  • Rust
  • Ark
  • Gmod (several servers)
  • Minecraft (several servers)

Since the servers are ment to be played on, the servers don't have any passwords.

Fell free to join, play clean and happy fragging.

-- deathy

CSS-Server Up again + 2nd Server as TF2 Server 19. Jul. 2013

It has been silent around here. sorry.

The CSS-Server is Updated to the latest version (Valve made some Changes, for what the Server needed to be reinstalled.) and now it is table and join-able again

plus: I now set up as 2nd Server a TF2 Server, which should become something like Idle-Server. Since I've played a bit, it seems, that "Idle" is the wrong term for calling the Server, since most of the players were actively playing. I just like the custom maps :D

  1. CS:S Funzone (join with hlsw) | (join with steam)
  2. TF2 - Server (join with hlsw) | (join with steam)

since it will take some time to finalize the new homepage (big sorry to keep you waiting!) I'll don't update the server-list here either, but on TS3.

-- deathy

CSS Server Down for Update-issues 18. Mar. 2013


the last update of the css-server-files did something wrong with metamod. since i need to do some server-redesign anyways, i decided to shut down both servers until next weekend (saturday, 2013/03/23) ... sorry guys and girls!

concerning the server-permissions: they aren't affected. if I got the servers back online again, you will then have your permissions again!

sorry für the break, the server needs to take, but I dont have any spare-time during this week!

-- deathy

Server Up again 14. Feb. 2013

Root-Server Down 14. Feb. 2013

Unser Root-Server auf ist im Moment nicht erreichbar. Grund: Unbekannt. Laut Deadeye ist der Support auch nicht telefonisch erreichbar.

Sollte sich was Ändern, werden hier neuigkeiten gepostet.

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